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Pro Model Hone

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Hone is made to order and can take anywhere form 1 to 3 weeks for completion depending on my workload.


Please note the Diamond Power Hone is in a constant state of evolution and there may be slight changes to the specs in hopes of always being better and improved.

Professional Model

Diamond Power Hone

  • Variable speed 0 to 3000 RPM
  • 180 - 600 - 2200 disks included
  • Very Powerful motor.
  • 100 to 240 Volt input makes this hone universal to most countries with the correct IEC cord set.
  • Indexed speed control dial for repeated speed settings when you have found the speed best for you.
  • 10 turn pot. for full range conrol
  • Soft start motor control
  • Adjustable disk height
  • Lindsay, Hamler and GRS fixtures will work
  • Three Diamond disks included
  • 180 grit for fast roughing
  • 600 for cleaning up the roughing
  • 2200 for polishing face and heels
  • acrylic backer included
  • "T" handle included for disk ht. adjustments.
  • Knurled nut for disk
  • Durable steel case
  • Hone ships with 1/2" disk height for the Lindsay Template System
  • Height is adjustable to work with most popular sharpening fixtures.
  • Sharpen a Lindsay Carbalt graver in less than 2 minutes (read review below)
  • This is a true workhorse and will serve you for years. Made to run all day every day.
  • Less time sharpening means more time to engrave and that is what you get paid for.



$687.00 plus $35.00 shipping in USA



Outside USA purchasers must also purchase the following shipping upgrade.

Overseas shipping and correct cord $100.00



Arbor adjustment "T" handle
This "T" Handle will allow you to adjust the height of the disk without removing the disk in makes the adjustments much easier...

$10.00 includes shipping in the USA


Acrylic disk backer

Disk may be white or clear depending on available stock

This acrylic disk backer is used to keep the diamond disks from flexing it is not attached to the diamond disk simply set the diamond topper on top and tighten the arbor nut.

You only need one backer for all the diamond disk toppers I supply

$22.00 plus $5.00 shipping in the USA


Diamond Disk

Your choice of 180 - 600 - 2200 grit 1mm thick disk topper

$35.00 plus $5.00 shipping



1/2 -13 Knurled Nut

Replacement for hone also

Looks great on Linsday Template


$5.00 plus $2.00 shipping


1/2 inch Teflon Washer

Keeps the nut from binding under high speed full load operations allows nut to be easily removed by hand.

Color may vary depending on supply

$1.15 plus $1.00 shipping


Transfer Magic

Transfer Solution


Transfer Magic transfer solution for making ink jet printer transfers using clear transparency films.



USA orders $35.00 shipping included



Transfer Magic

Transfer solution




White base Transfer Magic transfer solution for making ink jet printer transfers using clear transparency films. The white base helps with glare and makes the black line transfer easier to see. Will not peel or chip while cutting and can be drawn with pencil and erased. Excellent for transfer or direct art drawing. Creates a durable microthin white coating.


USA orders $45.00 shipping included


2 oz sampler

2 oz Sampler

2 oz each of white and clear Transfer Magic


2 Oz Sampler Pack you get a 2 oz bottle of clear and a 2 oz bottle of opaque white Transfer Magic.


USA orders $45.00 shipping included


OLD style with paper strip Transfer Film

25 ---50 --- 100 --- sheet packs

I have used these films with great success with both pigment and dye based inks. Canon and HP.


Out of U.S.A. customers must email for shipping costs.

These are only while supply lasts when they are gone there will be no more.


25 , 50 or 100 Sheet Pack USA Shipping is included

Very limited quantity remaining please email for availibility. We will invoice you while stock remains.

When these are gone there will be no more of this style.

check availibility email 

New Transfer Film

These are the films used in the Dubber, Schowe Transfer sets

25 ---50 --- 100 --- sheet packs

These are new films and working well.

I currently recommend using the HP Inkjet printers using the following ink tanks. Any HP inkjet printer using the 61, 62, or 65 black ink tanks will work with correct settings.

New Transfer Films with special surface

25, 50, 100 Sheet Packs USA Shipping is incluced

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T-W Designs - Diamond Power Hone
Review by Steve Lindsay
I have been using this T-W Diamond Power Hone for some time. The speed in which I can rough and finish a carbalt blank is under two minutes with the machine. I use the machine to rough grind using the Lindsay template fixture. Once roughed I then rub the graver face on a Lindsay 2000 diamond bench diamond stone with 10 to 15 strokes and then place on the heels with 3 to 7 strokes per side depending on heel size needed. I use the machine at maximum speed for this roughing. The motor has good torque and I can lean on the graver somewhat that also helps. If grinding a High Speed Steel graver I take it more easy and I don't lean on it as much so that the graver does not get hot and lose its temper. Be careful with HSS graver and don't get them so hot that they turn colors. I monitor the heat of HSS gravers with my fingers while grinding for this reason.

Model 2 Diamond Power Hone

Review by Jim Downing

I recently received my new T.W. Designs Deluxe 2 Diamond Power Hone and I
couldn't be happier with the improvements over the original design. The
original was a great machine but ran too fast for me and the diamond hone
would flex at times skewing the angles. I use The Lindsay M-42 and Carbolt
bits along with the Lindsay Template system and spend many hours each day
at the bench engraving stainless steel "Vaqueros". These are some of the
hardest guns on the market so keeping the sharpest tool is a must. Tom has
changed the electronics on the new tool to allow for a slower speed *as
you like* with a high torque in the full range of speed. The two sided
diamond lap is now supported from within for a stiff and accurate cut
angle. The new two way switch will deliver the rheostat adjusted low to
mid speed or the full 4900 RPM high end. I was afraid the unit might lift
off the bench at the high speed so I simply disconnected the top
connection on the switch and disabled the high speed which I don't use. I
used to be torn about which was the best power hone on the market but the
New Duluxe 2 Diamond Power Hone is the hands down winner that I will
recommend to all my students and fellow engravers. Jim